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Tip: A search without exact matching takes longer and can also show articles by other manufacturers or an article not suitable for your vehicle, as the number you are looking for can be contained in another genuine part number, but this doesn't necessarily correspond 100%.The possibility of the search without exact matching is useful when, for example, only part of the genuine part number is known.

Here you can search for the original / genuine spare part number of a manufacturer
Please enter the opn / gpn written exactly as it is used by the vehicle manufacturer.


Manufacturer Specification / format Explanation /
51 12 7 177 270
Audi / Seat / Skoda / VW XXX XXX XXX Y

In each case a group of 3 letters or numbers (xxx) and then an optional letter (y)
1J0 598 323 D
2TA 598 319

1T0 121 283 C

Opel / Ford XXXXXX

6 to 10 successive numbers

Peugeot / Citroën XXXXXX

6 to 10 successive numbers and letters
Examples :

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The following parts matched your search:

HAKEN (BMW-Motorrad)
OE-Nr: 83300402308
Delivery time: 4-7 working days (excluding weekends and holidays)
40.20 EUR

Important information:

  1. Original / genuine parts numbers serve only as comparison.
  2. The pictures shown are only illustrations. Manufacturers names that may be visible on the pictures serve only as examples of possible suppliers for “the pro’s choice” or “premium brand” quality.
  3. The original / genuine spare part corresponds exactly to the genuine spare part number given by the vehicle manufacturer and listed under “genuine part number”. There are generally no sets for original/genuine parts, just single items (this applies especially to outside mirrors, timing belt + water pump, as well as brake sets).

    Should the price of the original / genuine part be less expensive than the “the pro’s choice” or “premium brand”, then the original / genuine part is only one item or one liter from the set of parts shown!

    Please note that articles with “the pro’s choice” or “premium brand” quality can vary slightly from the original / genuine articles. (e,g, perforation in the brake disks) Warning: it can be the case that original / genuine parts of other manufacturers are shown instead of those of the manufacturer selected, as in the case of some brands of vehicles the parts used are the same.
  4. This means savings regarding the estimated retail price of the manufacturer of the “the pro’s choice” or “premium brand” quality article.
  5. Savings in respect of the manufacturer's estimated retail price for the original / genuine part.

All prices quoted are given in Euros, including VAT and are subject to changes and errors in prices.

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