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In order to reduce repair costs for your vehicle, the automobile industry offers a range of so-called exchange parts. These are usually cheaper than new parts, but still have a long life and are of equally high quality. It goes without saying that we also offer customers the possibility of purchasing this cheaper version of automobile parts. In our online-shop these articles are clearly marked as exchange parts or exchange articles. If you order one of these articles, we charge a so-called ďold part depositĒ in advance. This charge is refunded when the old part is returned. However, the old part must be suitable for exchange.

Please note the following:

  1. The exchange part must be complete. No parts, such as plugs, regulators, belt pulleys and other connecting parts, should be missing.
  2. The old exchange part must be exactly the same type as the one which has just been delivered.
  3. The exchange part must be returned in the same packaging as was used for part which has just been delivered.
  4. Any moving parts belonging to the exchange part must not be too tight. They must be able to be turned.
  5. The old exchange part must be returned within 14 days on receipt of the new exchange part.
  6. After receiving and examining the old part we will refund you with the gross amount.
  7. Should the old part not be suitable for exchange after the manufacturer has examined it, we are obliged to retain the deposit.

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