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Delivery without VAT

For commercial customers whose office is located in one of the following listed countries we can offer delivery invoice without VAT.


Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Greece, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, San Marino, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary

Order procedure:

  1. Add the selected articles to your basket as normal. The prices which you were shown during the search still contain VAT!

  2. In the shopping basket choose from the dropdown box shown there, the country in which your office is situated.

  3. If delivery exempt from VAT is possible in this country you are now shown three input fields:

  4. Please enter your exact VAT number, the exact name of your company and the exact name of the city where the office of your company is situated.

    Click on ďcheckĒ - then an online verification of your data will be carried out.

  5. If the data is correct, you will receive a total net payment (without VAT) at the bottom of the basket. This will be shown in red. The amount will also be shown on your order and also on your invoice and should be paid either by PayPal or in advance by bank transfer.

Please note:

Before the final dispatch of your goods, we will once again check your data in order to be sure that the VAT identification number is in fact correct. We reserve the right to refuse delivery at the net price invoiced should there be problems with the verification of your data. You then have the choice either to give us the correct data or to transfer the amount of VAT otherwise required. The delivery will then be made on the normal tax-included basis.

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